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Career & Leadership Coaching for ambitious professionals who want to bring a new spirit into their job and life

Even the best captains sometimes drive their vessels into a sandbar. Now, it is time to set sail and use the wind to navigate toward your North Star! 

  • You are a curious, open-minded, and driven professional with high expectations for yourself

  • You love to exercise your skills in a professional activity and to learn and grow

  • You want to align your professional identity with who you are 

  • And you are wondering what your next career step is and asking yourself a lot of questions?


I can help!


from a Negative Experience

New ideas or transformation concept with crumpled paper balls and a crane, teamwork, creat

Careers are no quiet waters.

  • Are you experiencing a life event like family change, company reorganization, economic downturn, lack of new opportunity within one’s organization,...or even bad luck

  • Are you jumping into action and tempted to grasp the first opportunity?

  • Or are you feeling that the smallest step, like contacting your network, would require to move mountains?

  • Is you self-confidence shaken?

  • Is you stress building up as time passes and pressure from your environment grows?


Coaching will help you to find space and energy in such situations. We will explore together how to transform external events happening to you into an opportunity by reconnecting with your purpose and career goals and by taking concrete actions that will boost your confidence to find the next job you’ll love.


a More Exciting Path

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Careers are no straight paths anymore - the world around us evolves and we keep changing! 

  • Did the job you loved and enjoyed become lame and lose its purpose? 

  • Do you feel grateful for the skills you acquired, the experience you gained and the people you met but you know it is time for another adventure?

  • Do you feel frightened by a radical career change?

  • Do you keep pushing the final decision to a later moment and are you unsure how to start?

With coaching, you’ll be better armed to explore the deep motivation of your career change and to anchor your motivation to jump into the unknown. Together, we will dive deep into the meaning of such a transformational change, and ensure that you are putting the best chances on your side by creating a supportive environment and resources to help you reach your new dream job.


a Boring Routine

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Careers have ups and downs

  • Do you start your Mondays longing for the weekend to come?

  • Do you feel that politics is taking the vast majority of your time?

  • Are meetings endless and your tasks repetitive?

  • Are you bored and frustrated most of the time?


Coaching will give you the opportunity to assess and define the causes of the problem and will put you back into the driver seat of your daily job. To do so, we will tap into your leadership skills and develop new ones. Together, we will explore what is under your control to transform your daily boring routine at work into an exciting and fulfilling experience.

Innovative thinker concept and new idea thinking as a symbol of revolutionary innovation a

- What they say... -


Tech CEO, Berlin

A few months ago, I contacted Isabelle as I got the feedback that my communication style wasn't aligned with the expectations of my employees. Isabelle took the time to explore with me how to improve the situation by applying actions and tactics that are aligned with my personality.

Her questions are helping me define who I want to be as a CEO and to question some of my own assumptions. I strongly appreciate her honesty and candor in asking some challenging and difficult questions. Her feedback and support have had a deep impact on me and I would recommend Isabelle to anyone who is looking to improve their impact within their company.


Operations Manager, Canada

About 8 months ago I took a leadership position in a new industry for me. I was given a lot of freedom to define the scope of the job and figure out where and how I could deliver the most value for the business. Through my work with Isabelle, I was able to explore and focus on the areas that are both maximizing my impact and allowing for a sustainable work-life balance at this stage of my career.

Isabelle was able to help me address some of my inner blockers and apprehensions toward the position, as well as build and gain confidence in my leadership skills.

I highly value her caring and gentle style as it allowed me to be very honest with myself in our sessions. If you are a leader who wants to shape your own position rather than fitting into an HR job description, I highly recommend working with Isabelle.


PhD Student, USA

I just completed my first sessions with Isabelle Finger and it went so much beyond my expectations! I used to think #coaching as a professional training program (like, how to ride a bike), but it turns out coaching lets you know better about YOURSELF.

Isabelle helped me with my career path decisions and time management skills, and she guided me through my navigation of the hidden concerns which I have never been able to see. She provides suggestions based on what I said and felt, and working with her is like finally opening up to myself.

I would recommend Isabelle to anyone who would appreciate a guide to walk through their own life decisions.


The Benefits of Coaching

As someone constantly navigating multiple languages and cultures, I love words and metaphors. From the very beginning of my journey as a Coach, the image of the Phoenix has symbolized what coaching is and what it can bring to your journey.  

Coaching is not for the faint hearted. It triggers transformational change (the “soaring” Phoenix). This change process can be uncomfortable at times (fire), but the result is beautiful and bright (warm red colors of the Phoenix). The legend also tells us that such a process is not a one-shot adventure to attain a “final” state. The coaching process is the opportunity to experience such a transformation and to prepare for the next cycle.

     Cultivate your Purpose

                Design Holistic


                            Expand your realm of options

                            Nurture your energy

 Let the learnings Inspire you

       Embrace the X {The Unknown}



Cultivate your Purpose: Some of us have a clear and lifelong purpose. Others are not sure what their purpose is. And others have different purposes at different periods in their life. Coaching helps you both to find your purpose - or your new purpose -, as well as to stay aligned and connected with it despite the avalanche of life circumstances.


Design Holistic Objectives: As we try to solve problems by simplifying and categorizing, we tend to see parts of our existence in silo (e.g. work vs life) rather than as interdependent aspects. Coaching helps you understand the implications of the choices you make and gives you an opportunity to adapt the whole ecosystem rather than undergo unwanted consequences.


Expand your realm of options: New insights and knowledge about yourself are not only gained through deep exploration but also through experimentations of new ways of behaving and thinking through an iterative process. Coaching offers a safe place to discover, practice and adopt new options that broaden your horizon.


Nurture your Energy: Big change requires some time and patience with yourself. Coaching prepares you for a marathon, not for a sprint. Taking care of yourself is part of the learning process.


Let the Learning Inspire you: The coaching journey will foster learning at three levels: First, you will reflect, incorporate and plan actions according to the learnings that are bubbling up after each new experiment. Second, you are invited to develop your curiosity - which in return nurtures the experiment cycle. Third, you can develop your metacognition in becoming more and more aware of how you think and how you learn as well as who you are


Embrace the X {The Unknown}: Life will keep throwing lemons at you. With Coaching, you will learn to develop your own resources, including your self-confidence, to feel prepared for any surprise rather than fearing change. As Coaching is inherently action and solution oriented, you’ll learn how to transform life’s lemons into lemonade…and maybe even into chocolate cakes!


Hi! I’m Isabelle


My life’s two main themes are that I always shoot for the moon and that I cherish my freedom to make new choices. I have successfully reinvented myself multiple times as both the world and I are constantly evolving. My international career in leadership positions has taught me how to challenge social norms and approach big career changes to align the values I hold dear (education, environment, freedom) and my daily job.


From the beginning, my career quest has been focused on “getting more” - as in more learning, more impact, more experimentation…and less boredom. As I was working on achieving such goals for myself through an INSEAD MBA and at renowned organizations like Bain & Company, Dell and Coursera, I found joy and fulfillment in guiding and coaching others to design their own career quests and overcome their own roadblocks. 


My purpose as a leadership and career coach is to help high-achiever professionals to navigate their next career milestone and to prepare them for the inevitable changes lying ahead


If you are curious, have high ambition for yourself and love to think critically about your place in this world, and if you are wondering how to approach your next career milestone, we should chat!


Book a free exploratory call with me to learn more about how I can support you - in English, German, or French!


I’m looking forward to meeting you and to exploring together your opportunities.

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